Australia - VICTORIA regional rounD


  • Location: 1 Queens Road Melbourne Victoria 3004

  • Registrations Due: 5 pm 28th of June

  • Case release date: 5 pm 29th of June

  • Submissions deadline date: 3rd of July

  • Presentation Day: 7th of July



Marco Fantozzi

Project Administrator, Vanguard Investments

Marco worked in consumer finance and statistics analytics at Wingate Group Holdings Pty Ltd before Vanguard Investments Australia, where he now manages projects within Reconciliations, builds financial models and liaises with Investment Operational team to on-board new funds. 

Daniel D'Hotman

Former strategist, Boston Consulting Group

Daniel has first-hand consulting experience working as strategy analyst at Australia Post as well as the Boston Consulting Group. He holds degrees from Monash University and LSE and has used his skills and interest in consulting for community service work with Effective Altruism Australia. 

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