Australia - NSW regional rounD


  • Location: 223 Liverpool Street Sydney New South Wales 2010

  • Registrations Due: 5 pm 28th of June

  • Case release date: 5 pm 29th of June

  • Submissions deadline date: 3rd of July

  • Presentation Day: 7th of July



Chris Yang

Consultant for Financial Services at a Big 4 Accounting Firm

Chris graduated from Melbourne University. His experiences as a consultant at both startups 99Designs and HomeHello, as well as one of the Big 4 accounting firms give him insight into how to face and overcome a client's challenges.

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Misha Garg

Business Analyst for a Big 3 Consulting Firm

Misha graduated from the University of Auckland and has interned as an engineer, business analyst and research assistant at many large healthcare and research organisations, in addition to at large financial services and consulting firms.

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