The Regional Rounds for the Tiger Global Case Competition will take place in late June 2018. Students seeking to participate in the global finals at the Australian National University held in Canberra must compete in the regional round first to qualify. For specific regional heats, see the tabs on the left. 

For dates, locations, and judges of each region, click the tabs on the left.

Important: if your location is not on the left, you're very welcome to still register and our team will get in touch. 

Please see below for our regional round case partner, Finch, in addition to the general overview and process of registration, case release, submission and presentation.

2018 regional round case partner: Finch


We are glad to announce Finch to be our Regional Round Case Partner this year. 

Finch is an award-winning financial app for your social life where you can run tabs, pay friends and track your social spending, in one convenient place. 

Finch's missions is simple: to help Australian millennials build financial confidence through beautiful user experiences and data intelligence. A financial app that meets you exactly where you’re at in life and grows with you as your priorities and values inevitably change. 

Over this year's regional round, the TGCC organising committee worked closely with Finch's cofounders to deliver an interesting and innovative case challenge for the participating teams. 

Please see below for Finch's webpage and, the 2018 Regional Round Case.

2018 Regional Round Case

The process:

Students may register as an individual, pair, or team of 3-4 here. Individuals or pairs of students will then be emailed a form with questions to complete (e.g. what are your skills). They will be allocated a best fit team based on their responses, and put in touch with their team.

Once all teams have been formed, you will be emailed the regional round case files on the Case Release Date, see dates for each region on the left. A case is the overview of a company's current situation. In a case comp, the company will be facing a problem or not meeting their goals.   

Together, you must formulate strategies to address the problem and submit your solution online as a set of slides and an appendix. This is due by the Submissions Deadline Date for your region. You must include diagnosis of the problem, proposed solutions, and justification. See the TGCC Manual and blog for more information and guidance on cracking the case, submission, and general consulting practices.

Between the regional Submissions Deadline and Presentation Day, select teams will be invited to present at their regional locations or via video conferencing. Selection will be based on the quality and cohesiveness of your slides and appendices. 

If we notify you of your successful submission, please present the same slides to the same case, but this time in person and before the panel of regional judges. The best teams from each region will qualify for our global round in Canberra.