Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What is the history and prestige of the TGCC?

The TGCC was initiated first in 2017 and saw participating teams originating from 5 countries across the Asia-Pacific. With judges and mentors with educational experience from universities such as Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Princeton in addition to professional experience from firms such as McKinsey, students were able to present their solutions and recommendations and subsequently receive highly valuable feedback and an-all rounder awesome experience.

In the coming years as well as for 2018, the TGCC will include a greater number of teams originating from many additional countries, including nations in Europe, East Asia and the Americas.

Q2. Why should I or my child apply for the Case Comp

A bunch of reasons! You can explore or gain a head start in consulting; practice overcome theoretical challenges; work with your peers at the regional round; meet new, highly motivated people at the global round; represent your country in competition; and put a “Tiger Global Case Competition Winner 2018”on your CV!

Moreover, it is a once-in-lifetime opportunity to expose them to the professional world and give them a head-start.

Students will also be challenged in many ways in the process. The competition is very selective and the calibre of our past participants is very high. Your child/student will be judged on their creativity, quality, and practicality of their strategies, in addition to how well they can answer any questions the judges may have.

Q3. Can I enter as an individual if I don’t have a team?


Of course! If you can’t find the dream team, we’ll find one for you based on your skill sets.  

Q4. Am I eligible to apply?


To apply, you must be 14-18 and currently enrolled at a high school.

In addition, you must be able to attain an Australian visa and visit Canberra for 4 days with no difficulty.

Q5. How will I know if I am a good for the case competition?

As long as you have an inquisitive nature and want to learn, this case competition will be perfect for you. Don’t be afraid to apply if you don’t have experience in business consulting – we don’t expect you to. With the rest of your team, you will discover your own creativity and business acumen along the way.

Q6. Who will I be competing against?

In the regional round, you will be competing against other regional teams – they will be people from your city and possibly even your high school. You will all get the same case and your solution will be evaluated against one another’s.

In the global round, things get more intense! You will be face to face with the best of each country – those who’ve won their regional rounds. Over the course of two days, you will be given a new case to present to our highly qualified panel of judges.

Q7. What types of case studies will we get?

In the regional round, teams from each region will get a similar case study. Don’t worry, the difficulty of the cases (their scope, problematic areas, complexity of business model, etc) will be standardized.

In the global round, all finalist teams will get the same, much more complex case. For an example, you can check out last year’s case in the appendix of this manual.

Q8. Who will be looking after my child during the Case Competition?

In the regional round, which lasts for half a day, your child will be under the supervision of an assigned mentor.

If you or your child/student makes it to the global round (congratulations!), they will be under the constant care of their assigned mentors.

Q9. How much is it going to cost?


If your team qualifies for the global finals, there will be no administration fee to compete (which will include meals, case materials and social events) . However, students must book in their flights and travel to and from Canberra. 

The rough costs of travel and accommodation will vary depending on the city you are travelling from. However, the accommodation (for a 3 star hotel) should not more than $400 per person for the 3 nights in Canberra. 

If you require our team’s assistance with facilitating this, please let us know!