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Individual registration fee:

  • Early bird: $10 USD per student

  • Regular: $15 USD per student

Team Registration:

  • Team consists of 2, 3, or 4 students

  • Registration dates: October 12-16th (GMT+0), 23:59


Preliminary assessment:

  • Teams must submit a PDF presentation for review

  • Decks can be a maximum of 12 Google Slides, including the appendix and title slides

  • Judges will review the submitted presentation based on the following criteria:

    • Issue diagnostic

    • Analysis of issues

    • Scope of innovation in recommendations

    • Metrics/validation

  • 50 teams (5 regions with 10 teams per region) advance to next stage

Regional video:

  • Top 10 submissions from each region (50 teams overall) will be invited to the regional round

  • Regional round includes: your case solution video presentation, including your team introduction and a helicopter view of the case solution from the team

  • All team members must speak and be visible in the video

  • Judges will review the submitted videos based on the following criteria:

    • Presentation Logic

    • Engaging Speaking

    • Technical Organization

    • Teamwork

  • The video must not exceed 5 minutes

  • 10 teams (top 2 teams per region) advance to global finals



  • Final Round Case will be released Nov. 19

  • Global final presentations will take place during the virtual event

  • HCGCC 2024 will share guidelines for presentations and additional finals round information with finalists

Assessment Criteria:

  • Slide Deck Marks: Issue diagnostic, analysis of issues, scope of innovation in recommendations, metrics/validation

  • Presentation Marks: Engaging speaking, teamwork, Q&A

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