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Case competitions explore strategies for companies to tackle business challenges. For example, how do we market the newest smartphone in South America?

This case competition will mimic unique business challenges and problem solving tactics, just as a real time consultant would.

New to consulting? No worries - most participants are! All participants will have access to exclusive virtual workshops from top business executives.

"Harvard Crimson Global Case Competition brings the business case competition experience, usually reserved for university students, directly to high school students. The best part? Because the competition is 100% virtual, there are no geographical barriers to entry; students around the world can develop and test their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit on the global stage!"

— Fangzhou Jiang, Co-founder Crimson Education



In 2022, the theme of the PGCC competition was related to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on business. The students were instructed to analyze the impact of the pandemic on online conference services and give advice on how companies can adapt to post-pandemic conditions.

View First Place, Singapore: Anti-Broke club’s presentation


The top 12 global finalists had 72 hours to solve the challenge for Arbe Robotics and present their solutions

View First Place, USA: URSA CONSULTING’s presentation.

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In 2020, the top 12 global teams had 48 hours to crack the Sony case focusing on the release of the Ps5.

View First Place, UAE Team’s presentation.

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In 2018’s TGCC Global Finals, students focused their attention on China’s competitive competitive smartphone market.

View the runners up presentation here.


In 2017’s TGCC, participating teams came up with innovative solutions to issues facing Seaworld. Given the provided context, relevant business performance data, and mentorship from judges, students tackled the case and presented key takeaways for Seaworld.

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