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HCGCC 2024


15th: Early bird registration opens

(US $10 USD per student.)


14th: Early bird registration closes

15th: Regular registration opens (US $15 USD per student.)


11th: Registration closes

12thTeam registration opens & Bootcamps open

16th: Team registration closes

25th: Regional case announcement. Teams receive regional case via email, and have one week to submit solutions. Slide decks must be created in Google Slides and submitted in PDF format. Find more information here.

30th: Regional case submission (PDF)


8th: Regional qualifiers announcement. 50 teams (5 regions with 10 teams per region) advance to next stage.

12th: Video pitch submission. All team members must speak and be visible in video. Video must not exceed 5 minutes. Click here to learn more.

18th​: Regional winners. 10 teams (top 2 teams per region) advance to global finals.

19th: Global Case announcement

HCGCC will share guidelines for presentations and additional finals round information with finalists.

22nd: Global Case submission

23rd: Global Case Live Pitch. Global final presentations will take place during the virtual event.

28th: GLOBAL WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Global winners will receive amazing prizes including the working experience program, Crimson credit, and cash.

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