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"Try your best, the best way to succeed is to know your content and be confident.”

“Make sure you are confident in knowing all of your strategies! Work with your team in all aspects and research in depth!”

“Start your pitchdeck early or exactly when they send out the prompt to maximize your time. Also be sure to practice the Q&A session before the real pitch.”

-Ca$h Cows

HCGCC 2023 Winners - 1st Place

"More than a business case competition, HCGCC joins finance, design, creativity, and business sense into a unique chance of showing your knowledge. Be complete, and learn everything."

-Sons of Real

HCGCC 2023 Winners - 2nd Place


This competition was extremely enlightening and one which we highly recommend all to join. The interesting case studies provided allowed us to truly understand the risks which businesses face, and to develop potential solutions. We did feel quite young, going into this competition with a limited understanding of the business world, however, we did not let this stop us!


After using research and our problem-solving skills, we proposed innovative ideas, analyzed graphs and statistics, and worked on our identification of weaknesses and threats, all while working collaboratively. Our advice to future participants is to read the case given carefully, and use creative and critical thinking to truly comprehend what is asked of you to find effective solutions.’


HCGCC 2023 Winners - 3rd Place

"The Harvard Crimson Global Case Competition was one of the most challenging competitions I have taken part in. It pushed me to think outside of the box and further my understanding of unique business strategies. It also helped me develop my creative thinking and collaborative skills, working with my team to create something I am proud of."

"The thing I enjoyed most about HCGCC was the way the competition pushed me to challenge myself and deepen my knowledge through collaboration and research."

-Caitlyn, Dubai

HCGCC 2023 Global Finalist



"It gave me real life experience while applying for college"

Gained admission to Drexel University, UIUC, IIT, ASU, UT Dallas

"Admissions officer highlighted winning the competition as a a valuable experience for my college application"

Gained admission to Upenn M&T

"It helped me to think a lot more critically when solving prolems"


Gained admission to AFD

It allowed me to have better insights of what i want to do for my future. I learned what i enjoyed doing

Gained admission to Monash University

"It helped me build a profile along with hands on experience"

Gained admission to University of Victoria - Gustavson school of business

"It served as a medium for me to explore the world of business, finance, and consulting. I listed the results, placement on my college application."

Gained admission to MIT

Dive into the HCGCC experience and discover what it can do for you!

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